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Letter Tracking System

Maintains Your Chain of Communication &Track Deadlines

Letter Tracking System is the communication tracking software for the communications dealt with all the physical documents. This also acts as the document management software wherein all the documental communication is recorded and can be tracked easily for future use through the excellent search mechanism. This software is highly useful for all the entities or individuals like RTI activists who are constantly dealing with legal matters.

Letter Tracking System supports recording and tracking of both way communications Outward & Inward communications including the responses, replies and further responses and replies to the same communication, thus capturing and maintaining the interlinked communication chain for your track records.

Various Inward & Outward Communication reports are generated and available on real-time basis. "Open" and "Closed" Status reports available on user informative dashboard.

System Components:

Outward Module

Inward Module

Information Dashboard

Static Data Masters

Key Features

Available in multi-lingual mode (currently available in English, Hindi & Marathi - Indian Regional Language).

Dashboard with real time deadline alerts for responses to communication.

3 deadline categories maintained, less than 10 days, less than 35 days and less than 45 days’ alerts.

Define communication type for Outward Communication: Letter, Notices, Complaint, Information Application, First Appeal, Second Appeal, Next Action, Written Reply, Argument.

Define communication type for Inward Communication: Application Response, First Appeal Decision, First Appeal Hearing Letter, Second Appeal Hearing Letter, Second Appeal Decision, Result and General Letter.

Capture multiple CC of same letter communication to multiple people in copies along with subject, reference and remarks in Outward Module.

Capture Department, Sub-department & Function desk (from which Govt. Dept. desk communication has arrived) and “From Whom” along with subject, reference, remarks and corresponding Outward Ref. No. in Inward Module.

Facility to scan and upload the letters / documents and tagging to relevant records for both Outward and Inward communications.

Standard Reports provided.

Excellent Search mechanism for speedy identification and recovery of required documents. Search on various parameters.

Dynamic Information Dashboard provides real time status of total number of inward / outward letters for the day / month. Current unanswered communications for inward / outward letters and much more.

Key Benefits

Single System for Multiple Branches.

Information Available on Dashboard.

Handles large Member Data.

Unlimited Members can be recorded.

Create Unlimited Branches.

Various User Friendly Reports.

Send SMS through System.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use.

Centralised Deployment.

Access from Anywhere through Any Modern Devices.